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Top Ten Tuesday - 10 Eateries We Love

The idea for today's Top Ten Tuesday list came from my cousin, Rachel. She stayed with us this weekend and knows how much Anthony and I enjoy eating out.

This list is in preferential order.

1. Morton's Steakhouse - Hands down Anthony & my favorite restaurant. The customer service is superb, the food is amazing, and the visual menu presentation is one-of-a-kind. We try and go here at least once a year and it is something we have to save up for, it is quite pricey, but totally worth it!

2. Chick-Fil-A - This is a new favorite. There are a number of reasons we love CFA (I will only list a few): the employee's always respond to you by saying "my pleasure," they are generous with all of their tasty sauces, hand-spun milkshakes are delicious, the nuggets are lightly breaded, and the chicken sandwiches are pure white meat.

3. Bandera - quality food and a really enjoyable atmosphere. They have huge rotisserie ovens where they cook chicken to perfection.

4. Ettore's - best place in Sacramento for desserts and coffee. The Princess Torte is my favorite. It's right down the street from Bandera so you can go to both for a great evening.

5. First Awakenings - although this breakfast eatery is in Monterey, CA, it has quickly become a family favorite and tradition. Please order the pancakes, they are delicious and fill up an entire plate. My favorite are "All That Razz" (Raspberry, coconut & granola).

6. In-N-Out Burger - I think I-N-O has the best burgers and I love their fries. The fact that they are located in some of the lamest parts of southbound Interstate-5 is a huge plus.

7. Star Ginger - a newer restaurant in East Sacramento, this is the fast food version of the Lemon Grass (located near Loehman's Plaza). I love their Green Curry with brown rice!

8. Noodles & Company - the best part about this establishment is they have 3 types of cuisine to choose from: American, Asian & Mediterranean. It is the perfect place to go for whatever the whole family is in the mood to eat. They feature lighter menu options, so you won't leave feeling totally stuffed.

9. Mati's Indian Express - although I have only been here a few times, the taste and smells of their cuisine is so different I want to go here all the time. Try the butter chicken, it is so creamy. Side note: Indian food is primarily gluten free!

10. Ernesto's Mexican Food - they have great food all day long. A huge plus is they are kid friendly. They give the kiddos little toys and beans & rice free of charge.

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