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It's Never Too Late to Start...

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Jodi, one of my blogging friends in real life. We talked for hours and the time zipped by. We met at Cafe Yesterday and the employees were awesome, as always. While we were there, Jodi and I talked about lots of topics. One that came up was budgeting.

Sometimes in life, I think that I can't start something because it's too late. Or I feel as though I have to hurry up and accomplish this thing or that because time is running out. When I start feeling this way, I remember that it is never too late to start. As long as I am breathing and my mind is working, I can begin something else.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today - Thomas Jefferson

This principle applies not only to budgeting, but also eating right, forgiving others, starting a new career, saving for the future, or anything else.

Is there something you've been thinking about and believing that it's too late to start?