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Scrap Fabric Flowers Tutorial

This weekend, I got to spend Saturday and Sunday crafting. Saturday was with my friend Amber and Sunday was with my sisters, Heidi and Heather. We'll save Sunday's crafts for another post, here is what we came up with on Saturday. 

Amber is very crafty and indulged me in recording a tutorial for her creation scrap fabric flowers


  • Glue gun (low heat is best)
  • Scissors
  • 1" wide of scrap fabric, about an arm's length long
  • Clip (see below)

For step-by-step instructions, and sheer comedy from listening to my voice, watch this tutorial. 

As Amber explained, she has made a number of different flowers. 

You can use an assortment of clips depending on where you want to wear the flower. 

Lastly, from experience, it's important to use an additional reinforcer to keep the clip attached to the flower. We used felt as we have lots of it from our felt flowers (I'll be having a detailed post on those soon).

Do you have any questions you'd like us to answer?

Oh, and to show her some love, here are links to Amber's Tumblr and Twitter accounts.