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Weekly Roundup

My findings this week:

  • The Braided Bun ~ Kate is a hairstylist and posts lots of tutorials on amazing hair do's. I thought this one was beautiful and I hope to try it soon.
  • Hospitable Acts: Putting Your Phone on Mute ~ Kamille wrote on a topic that I think is CRUCIAL for anyone with a cell phone to read. I love how she relates her story to how Jesus cared for others.
  • Jersey Knit Bracelet ~ This weekend we got to spend time with my cousins in Southern California, while we were there, I made a few of these little bracelets. They are super easy, once you get the hang of them, and fun to make.
  • No Boil Freezer Manicotti ~ Jackie guest posted at Erin's site and gave her recipe for manicotti. I love manicotti and can't wait to try this one out.

Did you find anything noteworthy this week?