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10 Random Facts

Fellow blogger and friend, Jodi posted 7 Random Facts a few weeks ago and I wanted to do one here. I love lists and linking up with Amanda's site, so I expanded my list.

  1. I was homeschooled all the way from Kindergarten through Senior year of high school. Don't worry I'm not the typical homeschooler, although I did start making my own granola recently! We were in an independent study program partnered with a Christian school in the area that my mom led. Let me tell you, my parents didn't homeschool us because it was the easy path. We had to get up early and get busy! My dad even recently retired from teaching in a public school. 
  2. I love eating cereal for breakfast on the weekends. All week long, I can't eat it because I eat oatmeal at work.
  3. The sound of people kissing on movies makes me cringe.
  4. I love Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof and I will randomly sing "If I were a rich man..." whenever the song comes to me. (You can see the rest of my favorite movies here).
  5. Speaking of movies...I get characters confused very easily, so easily in fact, Anthony will often have to pause the movie so I can ask "Who was he again?"
  6. I am super nosey. Even though we don't have an official Neighborhood Watch Program, I run it on my own. Hence, how I got my dresser!
  7. I hate getting ready every day. I wish there was a makeup you could put on for a week and you didn't have to re-apply it. 
  8. Even if I'm not alone, I start getting homesick for our house and routine. Which is really weird, because I love planning vacations and thinking about going to other places.
  9. My favorite job was working at Spa & Pool Emporium where I got to test people's pool water and talk about pools and spas all day.
  10. I twirl my hair. A LOT. And I choose a specific section on the left side of my head. I can't quit this habit. When my hair is pulled up, it drives me crazy. 

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