Books made me move 3,000 miles away

One day, not so long ago, a woman started reading books. These books were all about adventures: backpacking in the Utah desert, hiking Mount Everest, diamond heists. They also included books about famous people learning to cook, or learning how to love by doing. 


As she read these books, she discovered a theme that connected all of them: these people dared to be brave, and had courage to actually do something. 

The woman wanted her life to be worthy of writing a book that people would want to read. Maybe her adventure wouldn’t be an outdoor one, but it would be about daring to walk through new adventures in life. 

When the woman was finally given an opportunity to be brave, she took it. She didn’t push the opportunity away. She had never moved more than 20 miles, so when she thought about moving 3,000 miles it was huge.

And that's how this woman moved 3,000 miles from Sacramento, California to Raleigh, North Carolina 3 years ago this week. She wanted a life of bravery and courage. When I read books like these, it helped me see I could have an adventure story too. I didn't think the books you read can make a difference in how you live your life. But I was never so wrong. Reading different types of books truly expanded my outlook. 

I thought I was just reading other people's stories. Little did I know that they had the ability to shape my thinking. That another person's story really could make a difference to me. A life lived that isn't always easy, where things didn't go as you planned, where hard things happened and the person kept going showed me I could be brave too. The beliefs we have about life can change over time. I've always heard sayings like, "readers make leaders" "what you read will be what you become". Little did I know these were accurate. 

So the next time you start reading a book, be warned it could change your life!