We're here!

We left Sacramento on May 27th and drove across Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and finally arrived in North Carolina on Monday, June 3rd. We had a day of delays because of the tornadoes that were going through the Midwestern states. The last three days of our drive we drove close or over 600 miles! In total we drove close to 3,000 miles. 

Our friends are letting us stay in their townhouse in the Raleigh-Durham area while they are away for the summer. After getting in late on Monday night, we slept in and I made a run to Trader Joe's.

I've never spent as much as I did on that shopping trip, but I sure did get a lot of food.

Anthony and I sat down on Tuesday afternoon and wrote out our budget for the month. We visited a local credit union to fund our envelope system and headed to meet our South African friends for coffee. We came home Tuesday night and I made us carnitas tacos. We ended the day with a trip to Super Target where we bought necessities including a little coffeemaker for our house.

Wednesday I got to Facetime my sister and niece, Olivia. We sent her a postcard and here are the pictures my sister sent me of her reading/eating her card:

We made our way to our post office box in Raleigh and collected our mail. We stopped at Videri Chocolate Factory to drink coffee and see the workers in action. We spent some time writing and looking for jobs.

We moved to North Carolina (read the story) to help start a new church, which will be called Emmaus. We attended our first weekly BBQ/prayer night at a nearby park and had a great time meeting new friends. We also talked about a game that's required during a BBQ, Corn Hole. It's basically like a bean bag toss, but more complicated. 

Thursday we headed to the DMV to get our NC licenses. Anthony passed his test the first time, I did not have as great of success. We visited with our friends we met back in February from Abundant Life Church. We were introduced to North Carolina BBQ and a new food called Corn Puddin' that's a cross between creamed corn and cornbread, almost like Tomalitos from Chevy's. We drove home in a downpour of rain, the wipers were on full-speed and we could barely see out the windshield. Just running from the parking lot of our house to the inside, we both got soaked. As in, we had to change clothes and dry off our hair, we were that wet. Crazy. Apparently, there's a Tropical Storm headed our way, presumably to welcome us to North Carolina!

We woke up today and enjoyed coffee and oatmeal. Thinking it would be a humid day, I dressed in a tank top and capris, only to be surprised when we opened the front door and saw it was still raining. Using the wisdom we gained from yesterday, we grabbed our umbrellas and got to the car much drier. We headed back to the DMV where I passed my test and got my NC license too! We enjoyed another lunch with our friends at a local pizzeria. We're relaxing at home and about to go to Raleigh for a local coffee company's one year anniversary party. 

I've been shocked at how humid it is, but our friends are saying this is unusual due to the tropical storm. All I can say is, I'm glad to know my skin will be nice and moisturized. :-) We're still looking for jobs and getting settled. I'm incredibly grateful for the friends we met back in February who have given us the warmest welcome. And looking forward to getting to know the rest of the people who are in the process of moving from Portland too.