We've Moved!

There have been months of silence here on my blog. Malisa wrote the back-story recently on her blog but the short version is: we've moved from our hometown of Sacramento to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina! We left Sacramento on May 27th and arrived here the next Monday.

We are starting to get used to the North Carolina weather (sunny & perfect, humid and thunderstorms all in the same day) and all of the freeways. Malisa found employment helping administrate a preschool nearby and I'm continuing my search for a job. There are a ton of healthcare positions open but I'm being picky at the moment. I'm sure that I will get over that soon and take whatever I can get. All in all, we're doing well.

I have some photos of our drive from CA to NC that I will post soon.

We are starting to miss Sacramento and all of our friends and family but we have met so many great people here and we're excited for the next part of our lives.

Also, if you want to stay up to date on the church plant we are a part of visit emmausrdu.com.