31 Things I learned in March

I was inspired by Emily to write the things I learned in March. They aren't in any particular order:

  1. Helping with a school's accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges is a lot of work. 
  2. Being present when someone is hurting brings comfort and healing, to both people. 
  3. God's sovereignty means he can't and won't change.
  4. A cup of coffee with a friend can lead to a 2-hour conversation that feels like minutes.
  5. Sharing important news with the people closest to me is much harder than telling a stranger.
  6. What we think about worship impacts how we worship.
  7. "Worship is faith expressed. We better start with the Bible" - Rick Muchow 
  8. It is possible to plan outfits for a 3-day trip and not check in luggage. A huge improvement for me since a 9-day trip, the month earlier, resulted in 48 pounds of luggage and I didn't even wear 1/2 the stuff!
  9. A warm greeting at an unfmailiar place, makes me feel included and accepted immediately.
  10. Portland is weird and probably always will be.
  11. Strangers will open up and tell you their life story if you ask and listen.
  12. Faith is a lot easier to conceptualize than to act out.
  13. A bracket is a list of all the basketball teams competing in March Madness. I'm hoping Duke makes it because my other 3 Final Four teams already lost.
  14. Being married is easy when you're married to the right person and are committed to staying together.
  15. Buttercream frosting, once chilled, will not soften when 1% milk and powered sugar are added. It will look like curds and water will drip off your cake. Not good. 
  16. When you make buttercream frosting according to the recipe, it turns out perfectly! Shocking.
  17. God's Word, the Bible, truly is living and applicable today.
  18. Self-forgetfulness is the way to get my thoughts and attention off me and what others think. It's accomplished when my mind is renewed to think like Jesus. (Tim Keller's books are very thought-provoking)
  19. A 'blind' is the look-out place for hunting. Thank you to my Father-in-law, Scott, for that bit of information. 
  20. Intense movies like "Olympus Has Fallen" stress me out.
  21. Listening is a skill that is touted, but is much harder to practice.
  22. When we pray, God listens and prayers are answered. Last week we heard of 4 different prayers answered miraculously.
  23. It's easy for me to give opinions, but it is challenging to focus and hear what someone is communicating.
  24. I'm not in control of my life.
  25. It is possible to go into Ikea and only buy food.
  26. Daffodils only bloom for a few weeks each year.
  27. Puffy clouds make people want to bounce in them (Brittany).
  28. Steak tartare is nothing more than raw ground beef and a raw egg. When you don't know what a term is, it's best to look it up before ordering.
  29. Flannel purchased at speciality fabric stores is much higher quality than the type Joann carries.
  30. Creating anything: crafting, writing, cooking, etc. is nearly impossible when I have a lot on my mind.
  31. The most comforting thing someone can say when I'm going through a hard time is, "I'm sorry that happened" and their eyes empathize with me.

Did you learn anything new in March? How have you been?