January 2013 Recap

January has ended. Thinking about what happened this month, I am still loving my public library. I've discovered that the 3-week window to return a book helps me read it. Maybe I should borrow some of the books I have in our own library and I might actually read them too? 

(photo credit: the Hubster

This month I read:

100 Pound Loser by Jessica Heights: You can read my review here.

The Prodigal God by Tim Keller: Awesome story about the parable of the prodigal sons.

Talking with My Mouth Full by Mindy Kaling: I was expecting this book to be a little funnier, but I did LOL a few times. And yes, I just said LOL in context. 

Snow Mountain Passage by James D. Houston: EEK. A novel of the Donner Party. I pretty much will never go to the snow again because of this book and Into Thin Air.

Although I like all of my posts, my favorite one was A Tale of Bread Pudding.

My favorite new find was Farro.

And by far, I'm most proud of my video 2012 in Photos.

Joining Beth and Erika for The List and Shelia for the 2013 Reading Challenge.