High Five for Friday

This week was filled with lots of friends, spontaneity, and food. 

1. Sunday I got a phone call from my sister Heidi. It was later than she normally calls so I was a little worried. She was talking super fast and in a high-pitched voice.

"Mal, Olivia rolled over! And she didn't do it just one time, she did it a few times. On either side too." Me, "AWESOME. Our baby is a genius" (we aren't biased at all) Here's a recent picture of her:

(taken by her loving dad, Caleb)

She's 58 days old today. And I love her even more than before. 

2. Friends brunch.

If you ever want to have a great brunch, ask the gentlemen to bring meat

and the ladies to bring fruit.

You will have plenty of meat for everyone and enough fruit to last you for days.

If you want enough coffee, ask a coffee-aholic, aka my sweet Hubster to brew the good stuff.

If you want enough pancakes, ask someone who grew up in a big family to prepare them.

If you want pictures of the day, invite a photographer or two.

This group of friends also went to get massages from a local place in Little Saigon, called Happy Day Spa. It was quite impressive, especially for $20. We were in a huge room and sat in big overstuffed, leather chairs, with clothes on, and had a blast. I don't know how relaxed I was as the koi fish were jumping and I got splashed a few times. It sure made for a great memory though!

3. Pitch Perfect. What a funny movie. Anthony and I both enjoyed it and I think it's acca-awesome. Yeah, I just said that. And how can you beat a $1 movie from Redbox. Oh yeah, and $10 any size pizza from Papa Murphys?

4. Hanging out with my parents and on a different night my sister and brother-in-law. Talking with them about what our future may hold. Their thoughts and input. But more importantly their love and prayer for us. Anthony and I are so fortunate to have such a supportive family.

5. Yesterday, we were spending time with our friend Kelli and I got a few video texts from my sister, Heather. My mom has lots of home videos and would often try and record us doing our normal activities. In this video, it's one day before I turn 4. I'm holding Heather, who was 3 months and Heidi is 2 1/2 years old. The mumbling and laughing in the background are my sisters who just recorded this on their phones. I thought you might laugh at me being a baby whisperer and one of the bossiest little kids around.

Here's the dialogue:

"It's okay, Malisa's holding you. Here. She had a bad day today."

My mom, "How come?"

"Cause she was sitting in the car today cryin' and I gave her her fodder (that's what I called pacifiers), but she still cried.

Yelling at Heidi, "Don't touch her. I don't want any.

Mom, "Be kind, Malisa."

To Heidi, "Go away."

Summary: Heidi was just excited about a little treat we were having. I was more concerned with Heather. Sheesh.

What were five of your favorite things this week?

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