All paths lead to the Bay Area

Anthony and I stayed in the East Bay over the weekend at our friends' home. Their house is on a steep hill that overlooks San Francisco and downtown Oakland. These friends opened their home to us and even call us family.

As I penned this post, I could hear a river. That's what our friends call the massive freeway that can be seen and heard from their gigantic, living room window.

These friends are the parents of Andy and Jessica (Polish and Pout). Saturday, Jessica and I got the opportunity to meet up with a few other bloggers for lunch at a local diner.

As soon as we arrived at the diner, I knew we would have fun. My real life friends were going to meet my blogging friends. Worlds were colliding. We ordered our brunch/lunch. As we dined on turkey sandwiches, breakfast paninis, and quiche, we realized how interconnected we were.

Casey lives down the street from where we are staying. Joyce's sister and brother went to school with Andy. Casey just moved to the Bay Area from Raleigh, North Carolina. Joyce met Casey at a park in the Bay Area. Jodi and I met because of our blogs. Jessica and I met at church many, many years ago. As we talked, I saw something amazing.

Jessica, is a professional makeup artist. Her love of cosmetology and fashion matches my love of food and sugar. The conversation digressed to what everyone's age is. All 5 women are between 28 and 32. Preventing wrinkles and taking proper care of our skin is important.

I watched Jessica shine as she educated us in the beauty trio: moisturizing, exfoliating, and sun-protecting. A big cheesy smile overtook my face as I heard Jessica explain what steps to take to help maintain your skin. My blogging friends were getting a taste of her passion for teaching you how to take care of your face and hands. The other ladies were soaking in her knowledge (as I have over many conversations).

We left the table with full stomaches and a sense of awe that we all came from different towns, but somehow our paths have intersected.

I'm grateful for the chance to meet such amazing people and call them friends.