#WriteStuff Tweetup

Last night I had a great time chatting with other writers about practicing writing. We weren't in the same room, but it felt like we were having a lively discussion in my living room. You may be wondering how I could have a discussion without anyone being at my house? 

Ah. The connecting power of the internet, social media, and my personal favorite: Twitter. The conversation took place on Twitter and with a #WriteStuff tweetup. Because I'm new to this whole tweetup concept, I thought I'd describe it to you.

A Tweetup occurs when a group of people use a specific hashtag (#) before the subject (ie #writestuff) at a designated time. When anyone searches the tagged topic, all the tweets containing that hashtag appear. When a tweetup is happening, there are lots of people joining in and you get to read all of their tweets. It's basically like having a chat room devoted to yourselves with a focused topic. (Does anyone remember chat rooms?)

The WriteStuff tweet party is normally hosted by Unkwown Jim. Yesterday it was hosted by Team Bogel (Anne & Will Bogel). It happens every Tuesday night from 9-10 EST. According to Jim, they talk about writing on Twitter using the hashtag #writestuff. Each week has a different theme, last night's was deliberate practice.

Anthony and I use Tweetbot, which is a program you can install on your iPhone/Mac to help you manage your Twitter account. Here's what my #writestuff screen looked like last night:


For our conversation last night, Anne was the moderator/leader and had questions to guide the group's discussion. Here's her first question:


Once she shared that question, people started responding. Whenever someone responded with #writestuff, everyone who was searching that topic could see it.

There were great ideas shared and tips for getting more writing incorporated into life.

I enjoyed meeting new writers, getting inspired, and seeing some of my writing group friends at the discussion (hi Claire). I was encouraged by this statement from Ashley, who was replying to Anne's question:

Have you ever participated in a Tweetup? What were your thoughts?