When there are too many choices...

I feel paralyzed to pick the right one. 

I am afraid I might not be able to decide which one is best for me. 

(photo taken by the Hubster in Point Reyes, California)

Like this post. Fridays are my favorite days in the blogosphere. Lindsay (Hello Hue) hosts the Little Things link up where she talks about being grateful for the little things. Rachel hosts Friday Favorites where the favorite things of the week are shared. Lisa-Jo hosts #FiveMinuteFriday which is a quick-write link party or as she calls it, a flash mob. Lauren (From my Grey Desk) hosts High Five for Friday and writes things she's happy about from the week. There are more than these too!

As you can see, I am a little torn. I love talking about what I'm thankful for and my favorite things. Being grateful helps me ward off discontentment and other yucky things. 

This week, I decided to "dive" in and write.

My heart was so touched that one of my friends asked me to mentor them on Sunday. The fact that she saw something in me and believes I can help her is huge. I said yes and was honored to meet with her. 

Anthony and I have said yes a lot. Whether it's because of inspiration from Bob Goff or just a change in focus. We're diving in. Going deep. (thank you Steven Curtis Chapman for the song-spiration)

Have a fabulous weekend, dear readers. I am so thankful for you!

And I chose to join Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday, which may have taken me 7ish minutes to write & Lauren for High Five for Friday.