Cafe Medina, Vancouver, BC

The first week of August (almost 2 months ago already...), Malisa and I traveled to Vancouver, BC. We did the usual: coffee, eating, walking, public transit and taking photos. We had a list of things we wanted to do but no set agenda. 

Before we left I sent a tweet out asking what to do in Vancouver. Luckily, R.E. responded with a list of places, which included Cafe Medina! She mentioned their breakfast and coffee, something Malisa and I happen to adore, so this sounded like an easy decision. Thank you to R.E. for the many recommendations, I think we did everything she suggested. 

When we walked up to Medina a few groups of people were waiting for a table. We put our name on the list and joined the others. After a few minutes we realized we could order coffee, this made waiting for a table MUCH better! About 20 minutes later someone came out and offered the table outside, before he could finish talking Malisa's hand was up and we got a table. It definitely was interesting eating our breakfast in full view of the groups of people waiting for tables, but at least we were eating! 

We ordered one soft boiled egg, thick cut bacon and a waffle each. I definitely would have ordered more, I was still hungry but wanted to give up the table to someone else. Also, I knew this was not my last meal of the day. 

Here are a few photos of Cafe Medina, other photos from our trip will be coming soon.