Five Minute Friday: Change

I'm joining Lisa-Jo (formerly known as The Gypsy Mama) for Five Minute Friday. This is when we write for 5 minutes without over-thinking or changing what we've written. Lisa-Jo provides the word and other writers link up their "word-of-the-day" posts. I think my writing is getting better because of this free-style exercise! Today's word is: CHANGE.

Change is a word that I have a love-hate relationship with. There are times that I like change and times that it brings about great fear and worry. I've realized when I'm the one controlling the change, I'm happy with it. When change is brought on by someone or something else, I don't like it.

Lately, I've been wanting some change in my life. When I start feeling like I'm trapped or that I can't control anything, I figure a change initiated by me is a great idea. And that's when I'm happy I have a partner in life. Anthony is much more level-headed when it comes to life and the variety every day can bring.

Instead of reacting, he takes a step back. He starts thinking about the long-term. Anthony says, if we do this, then this or that might happen. I tend to think about the great things that will result from the change, not letting the reality of what actually might take place enter my mind.

I'm so grateful that the Word of God says, that God is our rock. He is our fortress. He never changes. When the world changes, and there is lots of that right now, God remains unshakeable, immovable, a steady refuge.

Would you pray for me? I need to be reminded the grass isn't greener over all areas of life.

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