I didn't need to date anyone else...

to know that I wanted to marry Anthony Price. But let me back up a little so you'll know why...

We met in 2003 when my sister Heidi played on the same worship team as Anthony.

He started coming over to our house for "family" nights. We would watch TV and eat dinner. When this began, Everwood was the hit show! As time went on, the family nights became more frequent and it seemed like Anthony was always over at our house.

Getting the family Christmas tree 

Although I didn't know it then, he already liked me. My sisters went away during the summer of 2004 and Anthony and I spent nearly every minute together. If we weren't together, we were instant messaging each other or texting (a relatively new phenomenon). 

The crazy thing was that somehow he kept hanging around me even though I showed him my true colors. I would tell him everything that was going on and he always listened. He was one of the first people I felt comfortable to be myself around. 

I made it very clear to Anthony that I would never like him. I told him not to fall in love with me because I would break his heart and never feel the same way. Obviously, he didn't listen to me and hoped that I would someday change my mind. This took some time though and a pivotal conversation with my Mom. It went something like this:

Mom: You like Anthony

Me: No, I don't like him

Mom: Yes, you do. What would you do if something happened to him?

Me: I don't know

Mom: What if he started dating someone else?

Me: (tears started flowing) Maybe I do...

Next came the challenging process of getting my Dad's permission to date. My parents loved Anthony, but for some reason, they thought he would be better suited for one of my sisters, not me. It wasn't until my Uncle's memorial service that something changed. Anthony was such a huge part of our family that he played guitar with my sisters at the service. As the three of them played/sang, I Can Only Imagine, the Lord spoke to my Dad. 

A little later, my Dad called us and said that we had his permission and blessing to begin a romantic relationship. My Dad later shared with me that as he watched Anthony play the guitar, he saw Anthony's heart and his perspective changed.

We started dating in July 2005. We got engaged at Disneyland at the Blue Bayou (the pretty restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean) in December 2005.

We were married March 2006 and have been married over six years now!

A friend recently asked me how I knew Anthony was the one. I told her that when I wasn't spending time with him, I was thinking about him. That no matter how much time we spent together, I didn't get sick of him. And that he knew the real me, but still stayed around.

(photo credit: Jenna Rae)

People thought it was strange that I married the first guy I ever dated, but when that guy was Anthony I knew I didn't need to keep looking.

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