GOOD street food + design market #2

Sunday, July 1st was the second installment of GOOD street food + design market. GOOD started last month and we made sure to go this month too!

Last month, Malisa and I went alone. This time we wanted to tell more people about it. Whether by our invitation or hearing about the event elsewhere, our group was Malisa, Me, our cousins Beth and Matt, Beth's friend Karen, Jesse, Steven, Jared, Jon, Ren, and Jenna. I turned around and Jesse and Jared's parents, Leonard and Pat came too! It truely was great having so many friends there this time. Every time I turned around I saw a familiar face. I loved that if I needed to take a drink or buy something that I was able to hand camera duties over to whoever was nearby and they just kept shooting. (I'd also like to add, as I was linking all my friend's names in this paragraph, I realized I'm surrounded by some very creative people!)

When we arrived to the market, we signed in through Eventbrite, just like last time, and got right in. I made sure to come hungry so I headed straight for Wicked 'Wich for their turkey sandwich and Boylan's red birch beer (I like them so much I can't seem to order anything else). We all got food from a truck and congregated around one of the tables out back. 

After lunch, I got some hibiscus lemonade from the Broadacre Pop-Up. After a few minutes, a group of us went back for some iced coffee. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the market. We stopped to see the Taylor's Market Butcher station, Dave's Hand Made Pasta and Brooke from The Green Boheme, Rachel from PopCycle Creamery (Malisa loved them so much she got 2!), Parker Benjamin, Pure Palette candles, and of course Malisa had to see the Gypsy Mobile Boutique.

Behind the Sacramento365 table was a photo wall. Jess and I each picked a photo off the table, wrote our names on it and they said it would be displayed in the artist's gallery!

A couple hours later we headed home and everyone came over for a BBQ. What a great day it was!

Here are the details for the market:

1409 Del Paso Boulevard, Sacramento

First Sunday of the month, June - November

1-5 pm

Now it's picture time!