Sevenly ~ One Design, One Week, One Cause

You might be thinking what is Sevenly? And what is she doing talking about them? For the answers, read on!

Sevenly is a for-profit company that partners with a different charity each week. They sell high-quality tees and hoodies with unique graphics representing each organization. $7 of every tee and hoodie goes directly to that week's cause. There are 7 different types of causes: slavery, water, hunger, aid, poverty, medical, and disaster.

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I heard about Sevenly a few months ago when they teamed up with Special needs and Autism, in particular, are on the forefront of my heart, so my ears perked up. I bought this adorable hoodie. It says, "It's time to Listen. Care for Autism. Change the Future."

Sevenly's mission is to bring awareness, funding, and following to each charity. Meaning 52 charities a year get their mission promoted by Sevenly and receive $7 of every tee/hoodie. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

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Aside for the ways they support charities, Sevenly also has wonderful customer service. Due to a mixup with my order, Sevenly sent me a free tee. The tee was for CURE Childhood Cancer. It says: "Live & Love; Find a Cure. We are Change." 

The Hubster and I were in a subway in NYC in this picture. Ah, great memories!

Ever since the Autism campaign, I've been faithfully following Sevenly's work. A week ago, they did a campaign for Nuru International. Nuru partners with Kenyan families to end poverty. They give families the tools they need to farm and sustain a crop. I love elephants and I loved this cause. So I bought another hoodie!

The hoodie says, "Take Heart." I also put a bright green Sevenly sticker on the back of my phone to let everyone know that "World change is how I roll."

So, stop by Sevenly's website and check out the charity their partnering with this week. If you love one of the campaigns, don't wait too long, it'll be gone in a week!

What are your thoughts on an organization like this? Have you ever heard of Sevenly?