GOOD street food + design market

photo credit: SacFoodies

On Sunday, Malisa and I had the pleasure of attending the GOOD street food + design market. The market was located in, what appears to be, a previously vacant warehouse on Del Paso Blvd, in the Uptown/North Sacramento area. The market is a joint venture between Unseen Heroes and the Del Paso Boulevard Partnership featuring a number of businesses and organizations from the Sacramento area. 

We purchased our tickets via Eventbrite a couple weeks before the event. When we arrived I pulled up our tickets on my iPhone and we got our wristbands. Incredibly easy and paperless.

Parking our car at the event wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. That could be because they had bicycle parking inside the building.

The first thing I noticed inside was the Gypsy Mobile Boutique. We met the owners Bridgette and Marvin at Concerts in the Park a couple weeks ago. Malisa loved the boutique so much she bought a skirt and blogged about the truck. Marvin is also the owner of inFORM and designed the layout for the GOOD market. 

While we were standing behind the Gypsy truck, I looked up and saw a camera on a tripod. Come to find out it was shooting a timelapse seen here

Malisa and I made sure to come to the market hungry since we knew some food trucks would be there. We decided to grab a steak sandwich and fried mashed potato balls from the Voodoo Van, based out of SF. While we were waiting in line we saw Leila from Wicked 'Wich (my favorite truck). She told us there were space limitations this time so their truck wasn't there, but she and Chris (the 'Wich's owner) were helping the other trucks. Malisa and I were very impressed by that. 

We also talked to Andrew from Broadacre Coffee and made a point to stop by their Pop-Up. Alas, they didn't have soy milk so no coffee for me. However, the baristas said they'd try and bring some next time!

Malisa enjoyed walking around to all the girly tables to look at the clothes and accessories. 

We took a few laps around the market to make sure we didn't miss anything but I'm sure we did. 

More details about the market: 

1409 Del Paso Boulevard, Sacramento

First Sunday of the month, June - November

1-5 pm

Here are some photos from our afternoon, enjoy!