Grace - easy to receive, difficult to give

I've had a little trouble figuring out what to write here lately. Yesterday, after the Hubster and I had a long conversation, I found myself remembering this painting

I realized I love receiving the grace of God and having grace extended to me by others. But giving it, that's another story. Anthony brought up a situation where I was in the wrong. I admitted I was wrong, but knew I wasn't ready to do anything about it. 

As I sat in the car thinking about Jesus and the grace he freely provides, my heart softened. Friends, I didn't do anything to make my heart change. I sat there staring out the car window thinking about what Jesus did for me. I thought, I can't withhold grace from this person or situation. I've been given a lot more grace and forgiveness and I need to extend that to others. 

So, I closed my eyes and asked my Father to forgive me and help me to be willing to forgive and let go of anger and hurt. Amazingly, I know He did and, today, I feel a little lighter.