Our Day in Auburn

Last Month, Malisa and I planned to take a day-trip to Empire Mine, about an hour from our home. As we drove, the symphony of borborygmus (stomach growling) filled our vehicle. We decided to stop in downtown Auburn and try out a place we'd heard about called Tsuda's. As we exited the freeway we were surprised at how atypically crowded this little town was. Little did we know, there was an antiques fair that day in downtown Auburn.

We parked and walked a couple blocks to Tsuda's. I ordered the "California Pastrami" which was a roasted turkey pastrami with deli mustard, red cabbage slaw, swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on Jewish Rye bread. That sandwich was incredible and of course I had to photograph it. I do not remember what Malisa ordered, but I do remember she was jealous of my choice. And, yes, I did share.

I also noticed they served Temple Coffee which I've had many times (including right now as I write). Knowing the quality I would receive, I ordered an iced soy latte. 

Full of sandwiches and coffee, we started walking around the antique fair. I basically followed Malisa around as she looked at the trinkets and such. And, as if attracted by supernatural force, she found and purchased a giant bag of kettle corn. 

While walking around the antique fair we found out her Uncle John, who owns Reliable Auto Glass, had a booth at the nearby Auburn Home Show, so we went to visit. We ended up staying and talking with them for a couple hours. By the time we left it was too late to visit Empire Mine so we started driving home. 

On the way home we contacted her Aunt and Cousins and ended up having dinner with them to celebrate Nate's Birthday and High School Graduation. 

The day turned out nothing like we had planned, but we couldn't have asked for a better day together and spending it with family. 

Here are a few pictures I took that day.