Fourbarrel Coffee, San Francisco

Last Thursday, Andy and I went to San Francisco for a Giants game. Before the game, I only had one stop to make, Fourbarrel Coffee!

It was a rainy day in SF and there wasn't that much by way of signage on the shop, but we found it without a problem. When walking through the door there is a pour-over coffee bar to the left and a fair amount of seating on the right. While standing in line the girl in front of me was wearing rollerskates so I made sure to snap a photo for instagram.

They had multiple espresso stations going so getting my drink didn't take long at all. The roaster is in the back of the building and was lined with bar seating on the way to the bathroom (I also included a photo of the powder soap in the bathroom that I thought was cool). I noticed on Google maps they have interior shots of Fourbarrel's shop, so seeing this might help with the layout a bit. 

When I ordered my soy latte, I asked the barista if she minded that I take a few shots while I was there. She replied, "uh, yeah!" With that response, I thought we had another Sightglass-style incident, but she quickly smiled and said, "only if I'm in all of them!" Her name is Elicia and I made sure to get a shot of her before I left. I received smiles or head nods from all of the employees when they saw me with my camera and didn't get any weird vibes from anyone. 

Andy and I sat at the bar seating along the front window and looked out onto the street. After I finished my latte, I went to the "front bar" where they serve the pour-over  coffee. I asked the guys if they minded me taking some shots and they said, "thank you for asking, most people don't." I began talking coffee with Bradley and he asked what other coffee shops I had visited. Of course, I mentioned our visit to Blue Bottle in Rockefeller Plaza and Caffe Vita in the Lower East Side while we were in NYC. I also mentioned our hopeful trip to London in October and he gave me a list of spots to visit, many of which match up with the list I got from my twitter friend Julie. He told me he was involved with opening a couple of the shops that are in Sacramento too!

I had a great time chatting it up with the folks at Fourbarrel. They have a great vibe in the shop and seem to stay away from the coffee snobbery, which was nice. 

Here are a few photos!