I want to learn to...

Jen, who blogs at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam shared about how she wants to learn how to can. She isn't talking about freezer canning (I didn't know this existed), she's talking about old fashioned, boiling water, putting the jars inside, pressure canning. What I loved about her post, was the question she posed: what cooking skill do I want to learn?

Of course, I started thinking about many different things. Baking bread. Making the perfect pie crust. Mastering the Art of French Cooking. But more than anything, I want to learn how to cook and enjoy the entire process.

(This is our kitchen when I'm actually cooking)

I want to be enjoy picking out the meal. Going to the grocery store. Truth here: I LOVE the grocery store. Getting home and putting away the groceries. Preparing the meal. Cutting the vegetables. Cooking the food. Serving the meal. Cleaning up afterwards.

I want to enjoy serving whomever is at my table. I want to show grace and love to each person that eats the food I prepare. As my friend, Kamille so eloquently shared:

By providing food, it makes room for others in our lives.  It opens the seat at our table & welcomes the downcast who needs to know there is hope.  It makes space for the friend who needs to share their dreams.  Hospitality is all about being a blessing, in order for the recipient to be blessed.  It is nothing about the host, but all about the guest. (Redeeming the Table's Mission & Vision)

What about you? What skill would you like to learn? 

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