The Non-Profit Narrative, a Review

The Non-Profit Narrative (NPN) was written by Dan Portnoy, president of the Portnoy Media Group. The NPN is a practical book for determining organization's story and the best way to communicate that story.

*image from Portnoy Media Group

Dan discusses the components of any story: a central character on a quest. A great story has a setting, protagonist & antagonist, an inciting incident, and three main parts (beginning, middle, end). Using the story as the foundation, Dan gives specific strategies to implement and develop the organization's purpose.

Stories give us hope that things can change - page 13

Using his consulting expertise, Dan writes a book that can be worked through. Each chapter includes a summary of the key points and action steps to complete. The book leads the reader into making any changes necessary to effectively communicate the organization's mission.

I'll be honest, Dan is the brother of one of my dear friends. So, I was slightly biased toward liking the book. In the first few pages, I forgot my relation to the Author as NPN captured my attention and proved to be an insightful and thought-provoking book. In my opinion, if a company/organization implemented the steps he outlines it would result in tremendous success. 

You will benefit from reading the NPN if your organization's story needs to be expressed. I think anyone involved in decision making at an organization, no matter its size, would find this book to be an invaluable tool.

The best way a non-profit can build that tension is honesty and transparency - page 24

Convey the humanity of your organization; it's a positive selling point, not a negative one - page 52

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of the Non-Profit Narrative to review. All opinions are my own.