Acre Coffee, Petaluma

Over the weekend, Malisa and I went camping in Bodega Bay with our friends Andy and Jessica. On the way home, we started driving down HWY 101 and decided to stop in Petaluma to see if there was something to do. We sure picked the right weekend to visit! 

As we exited the freeway toward downtown Petaluma we noticed the streets were packed with people. Come to find out it was the Butter and Eggs Festival, basically a giant party taking up mutiple city blocks. Luckily we found a dirt parking lot, ditched the cars and began walking. 

We grabbed a bite to eat and walked by Acre Coffee. Bound by my inability to pass a coffee shop without entering, we did just that. Their space was incredibly clean and uncluttered and the decor was simple and neat. The baristas were friendly even though I was preoccupied with snapping photos instead of ordering. One of the baristas (don't remember her name) asked where she could see the photos. Unfortunately,  I didn't have any cards printed up, so I had to write it on a sticky note.

For some reason Acre Coffee didn't come up on my Google search but I'm sure glad we found it. We weren't there long but I enjoyed it. 

Here are a few photos.