Mint Julep - Lower East Side, NYC

When we were in New York City, I stumbled across the cutest clothing boutique while we waited for our breakfast at the Pink Pony. Both of these places were on Ludlow Street located in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.

Along this street, Anthony also found Ludlow Guitars. Ludlow is also home to Caffe Vita & Via Tribunali. One street, six different amazing places. Something like this would only happen in New York City!

The Mint Julep caught my attention with it's mint green sign and display window. I'm not really a shopper, but I do like looking at nice things. So, I popped in and met Haley. She was friendly and helpful, something I truly appreciated. 

The Mint Julep has three locations, this one in NYC and two in Massachusetts. This store has been on Ludlow Street for about 4 years and had quite the inventory of designer clothes.

Much to my surprise, Haley informed me that the clothes were primarily from designers found guessed it, California!

In addition to all of the clothes, they also had lots of purses and accessories. I vividly remember an adorable scarf with elephants on it that I would have purchased, had I not found a pretty blouse instead!

The counter has lots of accessories! You can imagine it was hard for me to only buy one thing while I was inside. 

I loved how the store wasn't too crowded, but at the same time had a large selection of items to explore. The best part for someone like me who doesn't live in New York City though, is the Mint Julep's online store!

Thanks again Haley for your wonderful customer service and beautiful smile!

*This is not a sponsored post, although it might sound like one! I just really loved this store.

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