K Street and Cathedral Square

After we drank our coffee from Broadacre, Mal and Jess decided they wanted the mac & cheese that they loved from Pizza Rock. Luckily, Pizza Rock was only about a block from Broadacre so we started walking. Oh, and, I'm not linking to Pizza Rock's site because they have automatically playing music and I hate that.

Pizza Rock is on K street in Downtown Sacramento near the Crest Theater. We placed our order and walked down K street to Cathedral Square, home to the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. What an amazing looking building! 

We loitered for about 15 minutes, went back to Pizza Rock to get our food and head to Jess' apartment. Mal and Jess, being the mac & cheese conneisseurs they are, noticed a different taste than the last time they had it and called Pizza Rock to see if the recipe had changed. The manager said he would personally taste the mac & cheese to see if the taste was off and refunded our money. That is great customer service! My pepperoni pizza was splendid. 

Here are some shots from the evening.