Easter Weekend 2012

I love random collections of anything. I especially love random collections by bloggers. When I thought about what to post for today, I thought a miscellaneous post would be perfect. 

This weekend Anthony was scheduled to work and it was my cousin Rachel's spring break, so I invited her to spend the night. She did and I had such a fun time with her. She's my door to the "teenage" world. Although when I'm with her, I often forget there is almost a 13 year age difference between us. She is full of wisdom and her insight into life is refreshing. 

(Sorry, I know I used this picture here, but I think its such a cute picture of Rach I can't help post it again.) 

Rachel and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics on Friday night and got some fabric. The best news was we saved $83! I spent $46 on fabric to make baby blankets for friends and a bicycle throw blanket for me. But that's still a huge savings and I had the money for it too!

We also painted our nails. Rachel painted hers a light pink, I painted mine an Avon color called Loving Lavender

Anthony texted me earlier in the day and said we should watch Mary Poppins. I wholeheartedly agreed. Especially because that's the Broadway show we saw while we were in NYC. 

Speaking of our NYC/DC trip, Rachel and I stayed up late Friday night sorting through the pictures we took. We narrowed the pictures down to 430 from over 1500. And we still need to narrow the pictures before showing them to family/friends! Luckily, Anthony's work has a new coffee cart and it serves pastries too. He brought home this cinnamon roll muffin. Rach and I enjoyed that as we sorted through the pictures!

Saturday we went to yoga and Anthony got off early! We enjoyed eating lunch at Boudin Bakery. And found out it's not called "boo-din", it's pronounced "bow-deen." Thank you Rach and Boudin worker for setting Anthony and I straight. Anthony needed a new watch for work and we found this Timex for only $35. If the man in your life is anything like my hubster, you can agree with me that finding a watch they like for under $500 is amazing. The coolest thing about the new watch is the green glow-in-the-dark light. 

We went to Toyko Dori on Saturday night for dinner too. It's one of the first places Anthony and I ever went to (ahh!) and the same restaurant we went to with my cousins Beth and Michael. It's where we found out Michael is majorly allergic to sesame oil. Remembering that night back in December, brought Anthony, Michael, and me many laughs while we spent the week together in NYC.

I am very happy that Anthony got to be off on Easter Sunday. The two things I took away from the message we heard at church were:

What do I think about Christ? What will I do with that information? 

These two questions are of utmost importance. Who we say Jesus is determines what we believe and what we do with that information determines how we live.

We spent time together and with both of our families. Of course, we had to stop at a local coffee shop for coffee too.

Overall, this was a lovely weekend. How was your weekend?

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