Magnolia Bakery, NYC

Anthony was the one who said we should visit the Magnolia Bakery in Rockefeller Center, NYC. I unfortunately did not even know about it. Some baker/sugar lover I am!

We went on a Sunday night and it was pretty empty inside. The employees said this wasn't the norm. And having eaten their delicious cupcakes and cheesecake, I know why. They bake amazing treats.

There were many reasons I liked this bakery. First of all, the employees were incredibly helpful and nice. Second, the employee who greeted us told us to go to the counter and ask for a sample of their Famous Banana Cream Pie. Seriously, HEAVEN!

Third, there were at least 3 banners/pennants/garlands hanging as decorations. And you know how much I love pennants!

Fourth, their speciality is dessert. Dessert is the main reason I watch what I eat and am mindful of my eating choices. That way I can enjoy dessert without gaining weight.

Well enough of my blabbing on and on. Here are the pictures I took of the bakery. Enjoy. (I'm copying this formatting idea from my Hubster, it's how he does all of his picture posts!)

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