Coffee Date & Together

If we were to sit down for coffee today, I'd order a non-fat mocha with light whip or a Gibraltar. It's a small latte with a little milk and espresso. I'd also ask for a packet of sugar to be added to the Gibraltar. Then I'd order a large glass of water. 

I can't ever drink enough water. 

Then I'd tell you that being together with the Hubster is the brightest part of my life. I'd tell you that I'm not sure exactly when we met. Because, I can't really remember. I believe we started hanging out "as friends" in 2002. We became best friends the summer of 2003 and were inseparable. We texted and IM'ed (instant message as in AOL!) all the time. 

I didn't even know how much I liked Anthony in my life until my mom said I liked him. I said no, I didn't. (I had never really liked anyone else until I met him, so I really didn't know). She asked me, what would you do if he dated someone else or wasn't in your life anymore? I immediately started crying. 

Yeah, I liked him. I liked him alot. And that started the journey of us being together formally.

The funny thing is, like Alissa said in her blog post, I don't remember life without being together. And I can't imagine life without him in the future. 

So, that my friends is what I'd tell you over a cup of the good stuff. 

What would you tell me about your life?

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