Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco

After our tour of AT&T Park last Saturday, we visited Sightglass Coffee Bar and Roastery. We had been to Sightglass last summer, but they were under construction. This time we were able to see the finished product.

The roaster was in the front of the shop with the espresso bar toward the back. They have some seating along the bar and across the front window but most of it is upstairs in the loft area. 

We walked a fair stretch to Sightglass so I wanted a iced soy latte. The barista said "we don't serve our espresso drinks iced." Ok, fair enough. I then asked if he could add some soy to my iced coffee. "If you want to soften your coffee, you can do that in the back" was the response I received. Malisa and I drink a lot of coffee and have had it from multiple cities, I know how I like it. I didn't walk in with a Folger's t-shirt on, why the attitude?

It seemed like all of the employees went out of their way to not make eye contact or make conversation. The location and decor was good to look at but I can't say that I'll be visiting Sightglass again anytime soon. 

Here are some photos from our visit, enjoy!