Tour of AT&T Park, San Francisco

Last Saturday, Malisa and I toured AT&T Park in San Francisco, home to our beloved SF Giants! Friday was Opening Day. Sadly we did not attend a game this weekend but it was great being around the park for opening weekend. I must mention that we've been to a few games in the past so this wasn't our first time to AT&T Park. 

The tour was around $15 and lasted over an hour. There were 60 of us waiting for the tour so we were split into 3 groups. We entered through the Giants Dugout Store and made our way toward the field. We were able to see the Visitor's Clubhouse (locker room) where the Pittsburgh Pirates uniforms were hung for game that night. It is very rare that tourists are able to see the clubhouse with the uniforms, but we did! We entered the field through the Visitor's Dugout. It was pretty incredible to be in the dugout and on the field while the grounds crew prepared for the game. 

The tour guide gave us information about the field, players and history of the team. One thing that stuck out to me was the dirt they use on the field, it is actually a special blend of clay and brick. The dirt they were previously using blew onto the players and into the stands on windy days so they changed it between seasons. The park overlooks the bay so windy days are very common. 

The guide took us to the upper level and sat us down in the seats. The perspective from the upper level shows the expanse that is AT&T Park. On a clear day, you are able to see across the bay to Oakland (boo A's!) and down into McCovey Cove. During games, kayakers sit in the cove waiting for a homerun ball to sail over the wall, called a Splash Hit. This was a more common occurence when Barry Bonds was playing, he hit 35 of the 60 balls that have made their way into McCovey Cove. By the way, there have been more homeruns hit over the wall from visiting teams, but of course we don't count those!

During the tour we also saw the press box, Virgin America level (with airplanes on the windows), box seating areas and some memorabilia, including the 2010 World Series trophy! There are also 24 baseball-related quotes up all over the park. I'm sure we did not see all of them.

Our tour ended where it began and I left the park with a desire for sunflower seeds, a mustard dog and some garlic fries. 

When we toured Safeco Field in Seattle last year, it was cool but the Mariners aren't our team. Being where the Giants play was much more special to us. Neither of us follow sports but baseball holds a special place in our hearts and the Giants have been both of our team since we were young. 

Enough talk, here are some photos. Enjoy!