Blue Bottle Coffee, Mint Plaza

This past weekend Malisa and I were in San Francisco. For some strange reason we've never stayed the night in the city, so we did just that. While we were there we visited Blue Bottle Coffee in the Mint Plaza. This is our first West Coast Blue Bottle experience since visiting BB in Rockefeller Plaza a few weeks ago.

I loved how clean and open the room felt, the ceilings were probably 20 feet tall. Another thing I can point out was the pastry bags were actually cone filters. I thought that was a nice touch.

With as many coffee shops (across the country) we visit, I probably should be commenting more on the specific notes and taste of the coffee but I like to incorporate the feeling of the entire visit. Obviously the taste of the coffee is incredibly important, but that's not the only reason I would visit. The cleanliness, accessability (parking or proximity to public transit) and barista interaction matter probably just as much.

I must say, this BB location did a great job at all of those things.

Here are a few photos, enjoy!