Weekly Roundup


These are the posts I've enjoyed reading recently: 

  • For the love of hummus ~ Emily shared a basic hummus recipe and then a few ways to easily change it. I've been loving eating hummus on carrots, cucumber, and pitas lately, so I can't wait to try making my own. 
  • thanks to coffee I'm thinking about voice ~ Rachel opened up about how overhearing a comment made by a coffeeshop employee to another employee caused her to reflect on her own tone and voice. The most challenging lines she wrote were: "Words matter. I'm watching mine."
  • 12 Characteristics of a Well Functioning Family ~ Corey wrote this post and I have found it very insightful. "Every family functions ... on some level." My favorite characteristics: numbers 1 and 5. 
  • funfetti cupcakes ~ Julie has some pretty amazing recipes on her blog. I found her through the It's a Girl Party I particpated in last week. The hubster absolutely, positively, LOVES funfetti cake. I can't wait to try this recipe.
  • Christian Call of Sharing Your Table (& Hospitality) ~ I really appreciated this post by Kamille. "This life, it's meant to be shared." Read and be encouraged.
  • Loved people love people; you don't ~ I don't think I've had a weekly round-up that doesn't include something from PC! This time, he delves into the love of God that has been hard for me to believe. "Many of us have not truly accepted that love nor believed that love enough. Many of us attack ourselves and tear ourselves down for a myriad of reasons, and with each one, deny the fact that we are tenderly and deeply loved. "

What have you been reading? I hope you have had a wonderful week!