Hospitals, a Success Story

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here on the blog, but I hate hospitals. Nearly every time I go, I feel as though I'm going to pass out. My ears stop hearing, my eyesight gets fuzzy and my vision starts narrowing, my heart races, my blood pressure rises, and worst of all I start sweating like I'm watering an acre of dry grass.

If that doesn't give you an idea of how much I don't like hospitals, let me tell you a real life story. 

About 8 years ago, Heidi (my middle sister) and I went to visit our friend at a local hospital. Heidi was in nursing school at the time. We were standing talking to our friend asking him how he was doing. If he was feeling better, etc. Heidi was on one side of the bed, I was on the other, closest to the door (an important point). That's when it hit me. 

I couldn't hear anymore, I could barely see, and I was starting to fall forward. Heidi reached across the bed, pushed me up by my right shoulder and said in a quiet, stern, yelling voice "Get out of here!"

Immediately, I tried to walk outside the room. Our friend's room was directly across from the nurses' station, something I hadn't noticed before. One of the nurses came up to me and asked, "Are you okay? You should put your head down & in between your legs." I thought, If I put my head down, I'm going to flip over and pass out. I asked the nurse if there was a water fountain or a place I could sit. They motioned to a bench down the hall. 

I quickly walked down that hall. By quickly, it was more of a crawl, as each step I took I felt worse. I finally reached the bench and put my head in between my legs. Relief. When we got back to the car, Heidi lectured me on how embarrassing it was that I almost passed out on top of our sickly friend. Thank God she caught me or that would have been REALLY horrendous. 

Although none of the rest of my hospitals visits have been that bad, I have come to realize why I don't like the hospital. I can't stand seeing people I care about sick. I feel like there is nothing I can do to help them. Wanting to faint is because I am overwhelmed they are sick and hurting.

I do stop by Anthony's hospital and bring him lunch or coffee. But when I visit him, I'm only going in to his "department" and I don't see any patients, only his coworkers.

Until May 2011, I had never gotten to go for something happy. That's when I got to go visit our friends and see their new baby, CJ

Guess what? I didn't feel like passing out! I didn't feel completely overwhelmed. I was happy. 

Then last weekend, I got to go and see another brand new baby. Baby H is so cute and cuddly. She was crying like a little lamb and the nurse came in and said, "Is that my baby crying?" She took her vitals and swaddled Baby H. She pulled up a chair, sat down, and began patting the baby. Baby H burped and went right to sleep. 

This was one of the best hospital experiences. I saw the nurse comfort the baby and help my friends. She wasn't condescending, but just did her job with excellence. And if we have a baby, we would have him/her at that hospital. My experience that day was like a trial run of how that hospital works. 

And the best news, not once did I feel any emotion other than happiness. The next time you go to the hospital for something good, maybe invite a friend like me. Who knows, maybe they'll be successful when they go too!

Do you like going to the hospital or is it something you force yourself to do? 

Going to the hospital to visit a new baby, definitely works for me!