Back from Vacation

Hello Friends!

(Anthony & me)

We have just returned from a wonderful vacation to New York City and Washington, DC. Let me give you a few numbers about our travels:

  • We were gone for 9 days
  • We flew 5,042 miles
  • We took 2 boat rides in the New York Harbor and Anthony didn't get (too) sick
  • I saw 3 subway rats
  • We stayed in 4 different places
  • We took a train 452 miles between NYC and DC (and back)
  • We rode in 3 taxis, 1 in New York and 2 in DC
  • We met wonderful friends who showed us hospitality I have never experienced before
  • We took countless trains in New York and DC subways
  • We drove in 2 buses in New York and 5 buses in DC
  • We walked an unknown number of miles each day
  • Anthony and I spent a lot of time together
  • We got to know my cousin Michael as an adult and true gentleman
  • We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway
  • I took 161 pictures on my iPhone
  • We were at the gates of 3 zoos but only went in to 1
  • Anthony & Michael took 56 GB of pictures and videos (1000+ photos)
  • We ate lots of amazing food, enjoyed NYC's delicious tap water and drank lots of coffee 

(Michael & me in DC)

There will be more posts about our trip, but for now we're trying to sort through all of the pictures catch up on laundry.

Have you ever been to NYC or DC? What were your impressions?