Guest Post: Making Time for Beauty (Part 2)

Jessica (Polish and Pout) is back with her second part on Making Time for Beauty. Click for yesterday's post. Today's post about hair is something I really need help with! Enjoy. If you have a question, leave it in the comments.  

Many things keep us from making time for beauty. And while you cannot always change the demands of your schedule, you can make things easier on yourself!

Start today by learning some new beauty techniques: Updating what you do will keep things fresh. And if you don't know how to do your makeup in five minutes or a quick hairdo when you're in a pinch there certainly is someone who does who can show you. So ask a friend, read a beauty blog on your lunch break (I know a good one! Hehe!), or watch a YouTube video on your phone before you go to sleep.

Here's a trick that I often do to avoid having to spend lots of time on my hair in the morning:

Before you go to sleep, brush out your hair, smooth out and twist, then wrap it into a bin and secure with a hair tie. The higher the bun the more volume your hair will have the next day. Take your hair down when you wake.

Spray on a little dry shampoo if your hair is oily. Part your hair like you want. Use your fingers to comb out your hair, gently use a brush if necessary.

Voilá! Soft natural waves, a little volume, and literally takes only 2 minutes in the morning!

Good luck!