January's Goal Progress

It's the first Monday of the month and as such, I've dubbed it "goal update day!"

I developed goals at the beginning of the year. They were specific, measurable, time sensitive, and reflect what I've chosen to accomplish. I even made a detailed chart to monitor my progress. When I showed it to Anthony he said, "wow, that looks complicated."

Make dinner 3 times a week 

For the first 5 weeks of this year, I have achieved this goal 4 times. Yeah!

Walk or do yoga 3 times a week

3 out of 5 weeks, I've walked and gone to yoga 3 times. Last week was a banner week, I went to yoga 3 times and walked once. I've been shocked at how sedentary I've been the last month. Oh wait. The past few months. Or has this been since summer. I'm not sure. All I know is, physical activity has been hard to jump start.

Start and finish 10 books (I'm allowing myself to stop reading books I don't like, but I want to finish 10)

WOO HOO! I finished two books, albeit they were very short.  

1. Hung by the Tongue ~ Terry recommended I read this book and I enjoyed it. Actually, I did not enjoy what I read as I felt compelled to change some of the words that come spilling out of my mouth.

2. The Flinch ~ Seth Godin shared this book on his reading list for 2011. It is a super fast read and I have fought the flinch a few times and won!

The best part about these two books is the momentum I gained for my "reading snowball." The snowball is getting larger and speeding down what has been an incredibly flat hill.

Write a thank you note to someone (every other week)

I wrote one "thank you" in the month of January. I love writing snail mail and value the written note, however I don't write thank you's very often. Being thankful for small things can be challenging, but it is vital for me to not be greedy and selfish. 

Significantly pay down my student loans

We made one payment on my loans in January. This goal is in a holding pattern since we decided to go to The Big Apple for our 6th anniversary!

Take a stress management class

Done and done. I finished the class January 24, 2012. The class I took was at Kaiser and was cut short due to a mental health workers' strike! The most helpful thing I learned was to breathe in long and deep and exhale slowly. Try it. When I don't think about my breathing, I'm a shallow breather. Hopefully the shallowness only applies to breathing...

Monthly date nights with Anthony & blog about date ideas

I made Thai Green Curry and we planned to go to the theatres and watch Sherlock Holmes 2. One small mistake: green curry is the spicy kind. Anthony's stomach can't tolerate spicy, so we ended up Redboxing Mr. Popper's Penguins.  We enjoyed Sherlock Holmes a few days later.

I'm still in the development stage of blogging about date ideas. One of our friends is currently, okay, not at this very minute because he's probably asleep or at work, making a button/graphic for date night ideas. Once that's made, it will make its debut here. 

I'd love to know if you wrote goals, how you're doing on them?

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