Blogging Meetup

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a small blogging meet up. As you know by now, Jodi Ink and I have met up IRL (in real life) before. We gathered once again at Cafe Yesterday and formally met Joyce.

(L to R: Joyce, Jodi, & Me)

Joyce blogs at Keeping up with the Moys and lives in the Bay Area. Joyce is such a sweet person and I can't wait to stalk her blog and find out more about her and her family.

I was really looking forward to meeting Claire but she wasn't able to make it this time. I suppose there will just have to be another get together!

After the meet up at Cafe Yesterday, Jodi and I left for her house. Josh and Anthony were at the Ink's homestead entertaining, rather, being entertained by Judah and Jacob. We have been trying to get together since before Christmas and finally, after much prayer, crossing our fingers, and hoping no one would get sick, we enjoyed a lovely evening. 

The men folk picked up Burma Superstar (which we are officially addicted to) and brought it back to the house. They also stopped by Trader Joe's for some root beer and cookie dough. 

After our tasty dinner, we sat around and talked and laughed and ate cookies. Lots of cookies. Feeling right at home, I also did my nails at their kitchen table (I promise, it was after we ate). 

(image completely stolen from Jodi's Instagram feed)

Oh, and Jodi gave me this adorable purse!

Yippee for belated Christmas gifts!

I love that because of the internet, we have met friends who are dear to our hearts and we love being around. It feels like we've known Josh and Jodi for many years, wonder why that is. 

How was your weekend? 

P.S. In the picture of my new purse, you might notice two stacks of tiles, these are not ordinary tiles though! They are handmade coasters. And tomorrow, I'm sharing a giveaway for them. YEAH!