Point Reyes

Last Saturday, we were planning to drive to the Bay Area to see Josh, Jodi, Judah and Jacob but our plans fell through that morning. We didn't want to sit at home like we do all too often, so we hopped in the car and headed for the coast. 

It took us almost 3 hours to get to Point Reyes so by then we were quite hungry. For lunch we stopped at Cafe Reyes. I had a garlic pizza and Malisa had some kind of soup. We were both really impressed with this little place. They gave us cookies while we were waiting for a table, and 2 more before we left!

After lunch, we walked around Point Reyes Station a bit. There were art galleries, restaurants, pubs, private medical clinics, and markets along this small stretch of Hwy 1. Many of the buildings had the "Marin Organic" placard on them signifying all of their produce and ingredients were locally grown. We grabbed some coffee for the road and started toward the lighthouse. 

It took another 45 minutes to get to the lighthouse from Point Reyes Station around Drake's Bay. We parked at the main lot and got on the bus to the lighthouse. Since this time of year is whale watching season, they close down the roads since the small parking lots get too busy with all of the visitors. When we got off the bus there was the most amazing view of the ocean. We're so used to seeing a row of houses along the coast that this was a very welcome sight. 

To get down to the lighthouse we had to walk down over 300 stairs, I don't think I realized how many that is. Going down was't bad but coming up, that was brutal. They have little 'pitstops' set up along the stairs and we utilized each of them. We went inside the lighthouse and heard some history on it. The lighthouse was originally built with prisms to bounce the light out to sea. It was cool to see the old construction with the hand cranks, weights and pulleys to rotate the light. Oh man, and the view on the lighthouse was incredible also. 

Once we got back up those stairs we got on the bus and back to our car. It was getting dark so we hurried to South Beach to see the sunset, we caught it just in time!

We weren't sure what to do for dinner but figured if we were in the area we would get Burma Superstar. Well, the short of it is we missed our turn and drove all the way down the dark and winding Hwy 1 which took about an hour and a half longer. On top of that, we were almost out of gas, didn't have any idea how far away we were and didn't get any cell reception to find a gas station. We finally got to a familiar area, went through Marin and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. 

When we got to Burma Superstar the wait was an hour and a half! We placed a to-go order which took over 45 minutes, they were crawling with customers. We ended up eating in the car and drove home. 

It definitely was a great day, although I always have great days as long as I'm with my wife. 

Here are a few photos, enjoy!

Oh and by the way, the first picture here is actually 2 photos that I stitched together. The exposures were different and getting it to line up took some time. It's not perfect but here it is.