Partial Goals and How "Love Does" is Changing My Life

Me at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR. October 2012.

I am really good at thinking up new ideas. I love planning out activities and goals I want to adhere to. But I get bogged down easily. I get discouraged by not seeing results I want immediately. 

A few weeks ago I told you I was going to try and lose 8 pounds by Thanksgiving. I didn't make that goal and didn't want to admit it, so I didn't say anything more about it. I was embarrassed. (maybe that's because of the donut I was caught eating!)

I've also said I would blog more, cook more, etc. I want to stick with my commitments and goals, but I fail often.

Anthony says, "A half-fulfilled goal is like a half-eaten donut. Some is better than none!"

Obviously goal completion is a good thing. I am finished beating myself up for all the goals I haven't completed or the ones I decided to stop working on halfway through.

On a plane travelling to Portland, Oregon, I was engrossed in the book Love Does (by Bob Goff). A few times on the plane, I began crying because the words touched my heart. Love Does is an encouraging, personal memoir of Bob Goff's life. He says love actually does stuff, it doesn't just sit back and watch. It engages. It dares. It gets involved.  

I've been thinking about ways to get involved. Brené Brown talks about this concept in her book Daring Greatly. People who live rich, fulfilling lives take risks. They put themselves out there and in the arena to participate, not just watch.

I'm learning that it's better to fail than to have not tried at all. I'm learning to be okay with partly-done goals because some is better than none. 

The reason I write all of this is I want to encourage you.

Are there things you've been wanting to do, but haven't done? Do you have a dream you want to pursue?

Take a step and do.

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