When we think of someone with Boldness or being Bold we typically think of some who is adventerous, courageous, daring, confident, assured, etc. Someone who knows who they are and is able to convince others of it. My picture of boldness was standing up, saying something profound and others being amazed of my wisdom and confidence. Basically dropping a bomb into a conversation and leaving other people speechless. That's not what boldness is to me anymore.

In the past couple weeks I've been redesigning my church's website ( In designing the different pages, I had to 'bold' some text. I thought, there is no courage, bravery or wisdom in clicking this button to make these words a bit thicker and darker...

The definition of boldness changed for me. Boldness is something, someone, who is set apart from the other things around it. It jumps out at you, draws your eye, gets your attention. Not by flashing lights or screaming "LOOK AT ME!!!' but by being just the slightest bit different.

I believe followers of Christ must be bold. Not by standing on street corners with a bullhorn and commanding attention, but by being different than the world. People will notice. This culture is watching us, or perhaps better said, reading us. Will they see us the same as everyone else, or will we stand out just the slightest bit and draw their eye? My hope and prayer is yes.