When I'm 65...

Today, Donald Miller wrote about "The Failure of Twenty-Something Thinking and Why You Should Peak at 65." At the end of the post, he wrote this prompt:

Take out a sheet of paper and write down what you want to have achieved when you’re 65. Don’t think about the goals you have for tomorrow, but for forty-years from now. Think about how you’ll want to be remembered over the whole of your career.

So, I wrote out what I want to have achieved when I'm 65. I will be happy to have:

  • Been a loving, supportive wife of 43 years. My love and respect growing daily for Anthony
  • Been a parent who is firm and consistent, but constantly expresses love and shows acceptance
  • Modeled for others what a life fully surrendered to Christ looks like, having laid down my rights over and over and over
  • Been a published author of a few books that tell my story and glorify Christ
  • Been a true friend to whomever God has brought into my life
  • Taken the gospel to many places by visiting other cities and countries
  • Encouraged fellow believers to keep on running the race with perseverance and consistency
  • Been available for others when they need me, no matter how it might have "interrupted" my life or plans
  • As an employee, my bosses and coworkers lives would have been better after working with me
  • As a manager, my employees would know I care and support them in their careers and personal lives. I would be known for fairness and consistency
  • As a business owner, I would have done the right thing by my employees and governing agencies. Helped the community and made a difference in each life
  • Learned to truly trust God. My heart would be tender to the things of God. My reactions and heart would be like Jesus
  • Been debt free and money would not control my heart
  • Given thousands of dollars and minutes to others
  • Learned the secret of contentment: to live in the strength of Jesus

What would you like to look like when your 65?