Thankful Tuesday

Today I am grateful for:

The option to express my opinion about who governs my city, state, and country.

No matter what the election outcome is, God is sovereign and in control of all people.

New friends and older friends.

Food, food, and more food on our recent trip to Disneyland with our family.


Celebrating my sister Heidi's birthday and getting to see her pregnant belly.

People that listen to me and people I can listen to.

Memories of a recent trip to Portland where we heard about needs in Raleigh, North Carolina.


The opportunity to share my story.

Mostly I am grateful that my husband was born. God's hand was on him from even before birth to guard him and allow me to be a part of his amazing story.

Rainy Portland. Photo credit: Bryce Hoffman

Thank you, Micha for the Thankful Tuesday inspiration!