A Simpler Season

I've had a few days off because of Thanksgiving. Lots of time was spent with family and friends. Anthony was off most of the time with me too! I had a lot of time to think about gratitude and the holidays.

We watched part one of The Dust Bowl series with my dad on Friday night. Talk about simple times, the 1930's were most definitely simple. I was struck by the sadness and despair that drought and failed crops brought to the farmers. You could see the farmers' crushed spirits as portraits of the men were shown on the film. These families didn't have much, but what the did have was determination and hope. 

As we enter the Christmas season, I want simplicity. I want freedom from frenzied shopping. I don't want to add to the frustration of the frazzled employees while I search for the best deal. 

I want peace to envelop my mind, words, and most importantly our home. I'm purposefully keeping our Christmas decorations to a minimum. 

I'm focusing on being present when I'm in a conversation with another person. I want to spend time looking at people in their eyes and hearing what they're saying. I want to read their nonverbal cues too. I don't want to be worried about my endless list of chores and things I must do. Gifts will be kept to a minimum. Food will be simple, maybe even store bought. 

I'm making myself available to interact and engage with the people in my life. 

How are you doing this week? What things would help you know someone cared about you?

Christmas Tour 2011