Five Minute Friday: Roots

(California Adventure, June 2011)

Many images come to mind when I think of the word roots.

Because I'm a little vain, I think about hair roots first. They are pretty much the bain of my existence. It's shallow, I know, but I do love a fresh color and highlight.

The next thing I think about is taking root. Like a tree that has its roots firmly in the ground. Roots that go down deep into the earth because it is old and established.

The other thing is family roots. Tonight I'm driving down to Disneyland with my hubster and his family. We began watching the Jungle Book and the memories I have of my own family viewing it made me smile. I vividly remember my dad loving this movie and watching it with us. At the time, he seemed like Baloo to me. Back to the drive though, some roots are growing deeper. I love that we have the opportunity to water them with time and presence.

Roots also make me think of growing deeper in my faith. This year has been full of opportunities for faith roots to increase. I am thankful God is faithful and has given me the chance to trust him more in all areas of my life (more on that later).

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