Gretchen Rubin & Miscellany Monday

Culitviating an attitude of contentment and joy is a priority to me. One of the first author's I have ever read that encourages happiness in all areas of life is Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen has written a number of books, but the one she's the most famous for is The Happiness Project. Last Thursday, Anthony and I drove to the Ferry Building in San Francisco to see her discuss her newest book, Happier at Home.

The minute she took the podium I was relieved.

Relieved because she was as kind and sincere in person as I had imagined! Gretchen shared why she wrote her new book and a few key points about it. As she spoke, I found myself with a continuous smile. The happiness and joy she cultivates in little things is contagious. 

Gretchen discussed a few roadblocks to happiness that she wrote about in Happier at Home:

Possessions get in our way and clog our minds. 

Outer order contributes to inner calm and they are disproportionately related to each other 

Stalled projects clutter our minds and decrease our happiness. Sometimes you need to abandon a project.

We stood in line for Gretchen to sign my book and take a picture with her too! If you ever have the chance to hear Gretchen speak, do it. You'll be glad you did.

This weekend, I tackled a few stalled projects with the help of my cousin Rachel! I cleaned out my drawer of yarn to free up space for fabric in my craft dresser.

I fixed a dress that had ripped (on Easter) and sewed a pair of Anthony's scrubs. I uploaded the last 4 videos of our Vancouver trip!

Here's the video of what we did on Day 3. This was filmed at Granville Island Public Market

P.S. For those of you following along with my weight loss, I weighed in this week and lost .8 pounds. I didn't think it was very much until I placed the equivalent in butter on my kitchen scale. I was impressed.

How are you doing with your weight loss? Let me know if you need a little encouragement.

Happy Monday! I hope your week is full of lovely memories and beautiful fall weather.

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