Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Today's Friday and that means there's a 5 minute writing challenge going on in these here parts. I'm joining Lisa-Jo for her weekly Five Minute Friday quick write. She provides the word of the day and writers link up their posts. Today's word is: Welcome!


I walked in and immediately I wondered if I'd be welcomed. I had agreed to come to a writing group with a few ladies from my town. We had never met in person. But here I was walking in to a coffeeshop to not only meet them, but share some of my writing with them.

I saw two ladies sitting at the edge of the coffeebar. I thought they were discussing whether it was me or not. They were. I ordered my hot chocolate (it was 8 pm after all) and went over to them. I greeted one and asked if she was Claire. She said yes. I hugged her. She introduced me to Allie. We were already friends in my mind. 

We sat down and the fourth member of the writing group, Megan, joined us. It was as I had read about earlier in the week. Anne (Modern Mrs. Darcy) had shared a C.S. Lewis quote about friendship:

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’ (C.S. Lewis)

We talked about what we do, if we have kids, if we were married, etc. We discussed a one page draft I had brought. It turns out that one "post" will probably end up being three. 

I left that night feeling completely welcome and that I was a writer.

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