Whole Spice, Napa Valley

Recently, I read a blog post about freshly ground spices making a difference in cooking and baking. The post was about pumpkin pie spice and it had a link to a whole spice company in Seattle. I soon had my online cart full of $50 worth of spices when I thought, what am I going to do with all of these spices? What if I don't like them? I abandoned my online shopping cart and forgot about the whole spice idea...

Until we walked into Oxbow Public Market in Napa, California. It was there I saw a sign, a sign that read: Whole Spice.

I proceeded to tell Anthony all about whole spices. He said, go buy what you want. I couldn't pass up his offer.

I met Jennifree who manages Whole Spice.

She was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable as she showed be around the spice racks.

Whole Spice is a local company who specializes in all types of spices. The owners, the Madmones, travel around the world to find the best spices. They bring them back to Petaluma where they create delicious aromas and blends.

Jennifree told me they have over 300 single herbs, 40 types of salt, 20 varieties of chili, and 20 different peppers!

In addition to all of those spices, they also have over 70 blends. My nose was happy when I smelled the chicken and turkey herb blends. It was like Thanksgiving in a jar! I bought their pizza blend and immediately I thought I was in a pizza kitchen.

The next time you need a new spice, visit Whole Spice (Napa Valley or online). Your olfactory senses will be pleasantly surprised when they detect a fragrant, fresh spice.

Have you ever ground your own whole spices?